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Life Made to Order Financial is a Five Rings Financial Agency. Five Rings Financial is the "Google" of the financial services industry, specializing in educating and empowering clients toward reaching their goals of financial independence.

Life Made to Order is a way of life, a belief that each one of us has the power to orchestrate our ideal experiences in life. Trudi and her team has experienced LMTO personally and love sharing how this philosophy applies to all areas of life, especially our finances. Upgrade your Money Soundtrack and enjoy your LMTO today!

We all have dreams. Each of us wants to reach our goals, appreciate all of life’s gifts and enjoy the journey along the way. At Five Rings Financial, our specialty is turning aspirations into achievements.

Five Rings was founded with a simple yet groundbreaking objective: to educate Middle Americans in the art of how money works. At the cornerstone of our efforts lies a belief that in order to make your money work for you, you must understand the fundamentals of personal finance.

As children we go through life being “programmed” with our financial blueprint. When we become adults, this programming may not serve us in our financial lives. Our goal is to help you shift your thinking from a lack mindset to an abundant mindset. When this occurs, the tendency is to stick with the plans put in place and therefore see the results when it’s time to retire.  

We specialize in educating individuals and families how to make their own decisions regarding their finances instead of telling them what to do. Our goal is to empower our clients with choice.

We host local and virtual events every month, which are free to attend. The format is easy to follow and we promise you will have fun! Our motto is Making Finances Fun! We do focus on educating women, and our signature event is called Wine, Women & Wealth. I know, we had you at WINE!!

It’s easy to fit into your schedule with a meeting once a month at several locations across the Valley. It’s only for women, sorry guys. You can attend our co-ed workshop called Money 101. This workshop focuses on the 6 principles of money. It’s once a month as well and we host that workshop the 4th Monday - 6:15pm at Native Grill and Wings in Mesa, Arizona off of Guadalupe and Dobson. 

They are both FREE events and we encourage you to bring a friend to add to the fun! When individuals have fun surrounding money the result is epic!

We invite you to ask us about Living Benefits!

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